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Farewell Holy Father


 イタリア五輪委員会は当初、法王が死去した場合に限り延期を決定したが、世論と大多数のクラブの会長や監督が自粛を訴えたため方針を変更。法王が死去する前の2日昼に、すべてのスポーツ大会の自粛を決定した。イタリア人は法王の死を悼み、スポーツ中継のない静かな週末を送った。 [ 2005年04月04日付 スポニチ ]


Pope John Paul II passed away Saturday the 2nd of April. He has been the Pope of my generation, I was a child when he was elected.
What I always strongly sensed was his way of going beyond the
institutional role, never being distant, always deeply human, in touch with the people always searching for dialogue and peace.
The presence of authorities from all countries and of people from all over
the world, of any religion as well, struck me, another proof of his
greatness and of his action.
I had the honour of playing for him with the National team for the Jubilee, and to meet him.
We were already in Florence Saturday when we were informed that
Coni decided to suspend all sporting events: a sign of respect and
affection towards the figure and the man that greatly loved sport.

Alessandro Del Piero

by matsum | 2005-04-02 21:37 | news
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