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Trouble with the 'AAA' area on James's site?

Ive got a correct album but cant get in, what should I do?

We have tried as far as we can to include all of the Manic Street Preachers albums that have been released in all countries over the last 14 years. If we have missed some and you are denied access we are sorry.
Just go to FAQ link at the bottom of the AAA registration page and fill in your details, together with the album you have. We will then check your failed attempt and grant you access.


とりあえず、日本版の Generation Terrorist と Gold Against The Soul は駄目だった
日本版は諦めて、輸入物の Know Your Enemy を入れたら成功!

Listening Post

That's No Way To Tell A Lie [play]
An English Gentleman [play]
Bad Boys And Painkillers [play]
On Saturday Morning We Will Rule The World [coming soon]
Run Romeo Run [coming soon]
Still A Long Way To Go [play]
Emigre [play]
To See A Friend In Tears [coming soon]
Say Hello To The Pope [play]
The Wrong Beginning [coming soon]
Which Way To Kyffin [coming soon]
by matsum | 2006-06-29 11:39 | Manics
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